Mini cheesecakes


The other night, that itch came upon me, you know, the it h to bake something… It was nighttime, after 6pm I’m sure, so I procrastinated, hoping the itch would die, or that no ideas would come to me….no such luck..I realized I had no flour and not enough butter for a cake, so I thought all was well….wrong again.

As my brain ran over the contents of my fridge, from the comfort of my came to me, I had a packet of cream cheese in the fridge, and chocolate ganache in the freezer..yes I keep it in the freeze, I made way too much, and it keeps well in there, plus I get to scrape off bits to make hot chocolate when the mood takes hold.

Ok I have never used a recipe for cheesecake, I generally stick to 1 egg per packet of cream cheese, add a bit of sugar, taste, add more if I need to, add citrus if I need less. That’s pretty much it. I also had a pack of digestive biscuits, so all was well.

Did I mention that it wasn’t a full pack of cream cheese…yep, but that didn’t stop me. So how was I to make this, it’s not like you can halve an egg… Ding ding ding, just use the whites..and even so I didn’t use the entire egg white, the rest I put in the fridge, and used to make French toast the next day.

So anyway, this is what happened:










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    • Lol, I don’t consider it a cheesecake unless it’s baked, those stick it in the fridge things are impostors! It’s little ceramic ramekins, was hell to get them out to take pictures. Lol. I had to put it in a bowl of hot water to heat the sides a bit then jiggle it lose with a paring knife. Lol! Adventure

      • I’m so with you on the no-bake cheesecakes. Impostors. Kitchen adventures are the best. and your ganache topped experiment turned out beautifully! I’m still so amazed. No recipe!

      • I think I just make cheesecake like I’m on auto. The one egg to one packet, works for me. If I add liquid, like alcohol, I just look at the consistency, if it doesn’t look tight enough it needs some more cream cheese.*shrugs* it’s the way my mom makes actual cake, she just dumps stuff in and tells you it looks right, or it needs more this and that. Lol she’s got me doing that too. I have absolutely no recipe for bread, but I bake bread quite regularly…lol
        Ps: don’t tell anyone, I really am not a lover of cheesecake, I just make it for friends and fam! The ganache, was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I still have some in the freezer in an old frosting container, I scrape some out now and then and make hot chocolate, hasn’t gone bad and it’s been there maybe a month and a half

      • I can cook just about EVERYTHING else with no measurements or recipes. perhaps I’ve let the endless cheesecake rules scare me into thinking it’s trickier than it actually is 🙂 Perhaps I’ll try!

      • Ooh don’t be scurred! Lol. My girl miss fabulous cook Tia, says the same thing you do. I know people who do water baths (I only ever do water baths for creme brûlée), and do all kinds of fancy things, from condensed milk, to sour cream. I have never done any fang anything, the other day my (biased) mother had cheesecake from a CIA trained chef ( the cooking not the James bonding, lol) and she said my lil ole no recipe cheesecake was creamier and people at the function told her they liked mine better ( well the few people there who had mine before) just give it a whirl, if it doesn’t work out fiddle with it a bit more. I believe the recipe on the Philly packet works just fine, so you could start with that, I have ideas in mind for boozy cheesecakes, I will try to write a recipe down whenever I actually get to making one

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