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let’s go coconutty!!

let’s go coconutty!!

Soooo I packed on the lbs over the holidays (a little before the holidays too actually) and now I’m on some kind of hellcat/fire/ (whatever sounds most scary) mission to relieve myself of the chubby lumpkins -sorry Tia- I have become. This means healthy foods….still tasty just less fun than I’d like, no experimenting with cakes and pies and generally everything yummy, stuffed with butter and cellulite adding thingies. yes that was a very big SIGH you just heard. **SIGH**

Anyhoo I’ve been wanting to make granola for some time, mainly because I don’t know why everything and it’s mama has to be chock full of high fructose corn syrup (what did you people use before it was invented?????), also because granola can be expensive and I always have to pick out the *shudders* dried fruit. Granola ingredients here in this little island paradise, can set you back a pretty penny…… and a few ugly bill denominations too. But I had oats, I had sliced almonds and I had a coconut…. sounded like a plan to me.

I found this recipe Almond Crunch Granola

ok here goes

please forgive the pictures, some were taken last night (when I made this) and my phone doesn’t have a flash ( I know this is infamy/blasphemy and all other types of a/emies you can come up with)

I had a coconut I said, as in an actual coconut, not the flaked thing you get in the supermarket, and i assumed that the recipe maker didn’t mean a real -have to be broken open and grated- coconut, so I grated and toasted it in the oven.

Just Lightly, to dry out some of the liquid and fat. Just coconut, ooh and a little nutmeg. When it finished I popped it into a container to relax, while I gave the same treatment to the almonds, just on the stove top this time. Just a light toast, so it’s a little crisp but not really brown. mixed it with the coconut ,oats and  some cinnamon, left it alone for a bit.

I mixed  oil with of honey, and  (i used the recipe specifics I think next time i’ll actually use less oil and maybe more honey, it’s not greasy tasting but i’d prefer it to be a little sweeter) PS: Vincy honey is best!!!!! (that is my opinion, this is my blog so there)

I dumped the wet mixture on the dry and went in with my hands and smushed it up so every little grain was covered….. you can use a utensil, I just prefer to get dirty with the food, plus I washed my hands before, it was safe) :). The oven was still on from the toasting of the coconut so all i had to do was dump the mixture into a baking dish/cookie sheet..whatever you have on hand just make sure you so one layer…I’m sure you can just dump it in and keep mixing it a bit now and then, but I didn’t need a lot so one layer was enough for me and it toasted everything quicker.

here’s what it looks like before the oven: little bit sad.


and here we have the final product:

I just had some on 3 tablespoons ( no really I’m serious) of coconut Gelato I found lurking in the freezer.. it was yum, it’s also yum on it’s own, I can attest to that, I keep nibbling it every time I find myself in the kitchen (which is a lot because I drink a lot of water)

ps: it’s a lot, I have the rest in the fridge in a ziploc bag, until i need to toast up a fresh batch.